Terms of service

Az. Agricola Cascina Sot of Sanso Maurizio guarantees that all the indications on the label comply with current legislation and that reflect the characteristics of the wine.

The indications of the alcoholic strength, of the production cellar and of the allergens (contains sulphites) are on the labels and according to the law.

Every wine you find on our site Cascina Sòtit is accompanied by a single product sheet that has its main features, visible on our website.

Given the nature of the product for sale on our site, the contents of the individual cards may be subject to updates and modifications.

The sale and delivery of wines and products on Cascina Sòt it is limited to EU and USA and is reserved for consumers over 18 years of age. By using our site, you declare that you are of legal age.

Az. Agricola Cascina Sot di Sanso Maurizio intends to target consumers with purposes not related to commercial or entrepreneurial activities related to the world of wine. Orders placed on the site refer to personal consumption and needs.Az. Agricola Cascina Sot of Sanso Maurizio reserves the right not to execute orders from operators with purposes other than those indicated above.