Barolo producers in Monforte


Founded in 1975, Cascina Sòt is a farm in Monforte d'Alba dedicated to the production of great Piedmontese wines.

After working for years as sharecroppers on the farm, Maria and Giuseppe bought the property. With the arrival of their son Leonardo and his wife Silvana, the wine business became the main commitment of the company.

Today the company cultivates its own vineyards, some of which are among the most prestigious cru of Barolo.

By dedicating the best care to the vine plants, valuable and straightforward grapes are harvested, which during the vinification phase are processed to enhance the intrinsic characteristics of each grape variety to the maximum. With aging, finally, the wines of Cascina Sòt are further enhanced, acquiring precious tertiary scents.

Thus are born, from a small cellar, labels chiselled in detail, produced with the utmost attention paid to every single step, very expressive and able to enhance the varietal and the terroir of origin.


This is our philosophy and these are some of the techniques we practice in the vineyard:
- Abolition of the use of chemical weed killers in favour of grassing which helps us to keep the soil cooler during the summer season and to avoid erosion during the most violent storms
- Reduction of the use of the most invasive pesticide products in favour of more eco-sustainable roofing products (copper and sulphur based products).


We are supporters of winemaking made in the most manual and natural way possible.

In order to pursue this goal we exploit as much as possible the natural resources such as the winter cold to obtain tartaric stability and the low temperature of the water present in an ancient well to control the temperatures during vinification.


Maurizio and his family are very kind, pleasant and interesting the visit to the vineyards and excellent tasting.

And what about the wine? Really good! I recommend absolutely

Cristina Martellotto

Small and cozy farmhouse... We visited the winery and had a tasting... The owner was detailed and exhaustive and very attentive to our curiosity and requests... Lovely place... Super value for money... Very highly recommended!!!

Elisa Tallone

Family management ... Excellent wines and not industrialized ... Route in the vineyards and in the cellar told with passion and competence ... a great experience!
Even the purchase of wines at the end of the day positive in price and quality... Recommended!!

Luca Di Vincenzo

Beautiful family reality. We had a beautiful visit with tasting on November 1st. Excellent wines and hospitality.

Alessandra Fiorini

Bravi, family business of the highest level.
100% kindness and availability and excellent wines with old-fashioned artisanal production.
Seeing young people who believe so much in their business is exciting, bravi bravi

Daniele Dall'Ara